Stardust Noria Sol Serpent Sea Album Spotify 16.04.2022
Stardust Noria Sol Stardust Single YouTube 23.06.2021
I Can't Wait For That Noria Sol I Can't Wait For That Single YouTube 06.05.2021
I Wanna See You Noria Sol I Wanna See You Single Soundcloud 27.02.2021
No Effort Noria Sol No Effort Single (Music Video) YouTube 31.12.2020
Credo Noria Sol Credo Album YouTube 23.12.2020
Gate Eyes Noria Sol Gate Eyes Single YouTube 27.09.2020
Enemy Noria Sol Enemy Single Soundcloud 01.07.2020
Illusion Noria Sol Illusion Single (Visuals) YouTube 04.04.2020
Feel The Heat Noria Sol Feel The Heat Single (Music Video) YouTube 03.04.2020
Open Up Noria Sol Open Up Single YouTube 01.03.2020
Illusion Noria Sol Down With You Single Soundcloud 01.01.2019

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