Noria Sol

"A song's a page, an album's a chapter and life's the book. All tied together with a narrative that shifts, blurs and blends together. The goal is to write a song that I hope I can hear when I die."

Starting out in his parents basement Noria Sol made his first beat at the age of 14. He had basic guitar, keyboard and drum knowledge before that but never got really good at it, he says. But with the Instrumental songs he played and wrote for years he had one issue. He couldn't express the notion as clearly as he could with lyrics. That used to be the only reason to use his voice in a song until the dreams of performing in front of a live audience reinforced this motivation.

Noria Sol and Solum Credo

At the age of nineteen Noria Sol began to work on a self produced Album called Sub Terra. It was his first collection of songs that followed a vivid narrative and it was supposed to be the first Album that he would publish as Noria Sol.
With all the instrumentals written, during the final vocal recording process, the hard-drive broke and the two years of work were gone. “It should be so obvious to save your files on multiple hard-drives but I never thought about it since everything went well until that day. I was crazy depressed and didn’t work on music at all during that time.”
Struggling with his mental health and his past relationships Noria Sol found himself often alone in his 13m² apartment. Not necessarily seeking love but missing people that he’d connect with on a deeper level or even make music with. Noria Sol used to be the drummer in a two men group and he often remembered how different and passionate the songwriting process was when you’re with someone else. But multiple attempts at collaborating and jamming with local artists nowadays he saw as forced, unnatural or awkward even. Until he summoned Solum Credo.
Helping Noria Sol with his music went hand in hand with stabilizing his mental state. That’s why Noria Sol decided to dedicate the following album called ‘Credo’ to Solum Credo. In this record he speaks about his struggle regarding other relationships (to artists and loved ones), solitude, will to live, and even gets caught up in Solums personality. He made him proud to be alone again. Until Noria Sol realised that he couldn’t live like that forever. As he then went out again and seeked the real connection to people, he left Solum Credo back home. Alone.
And he is still there to this day, waiting for Noria Sol to come back.

“Having a concept that is so personal not only helps me to cope but also helps me to find words that are as unique as they are meaningful to me.

Noria Sol